Freelance Project: Data Encoder and Form Filler Wanted

Freelance Project: Data Encoder and Form Filler Wanted: Data Encoder and Form Filler This project pays Php 1,200. This is a pretty simple project. It has several steps. In the simplest terms, you are going to get a book. You are going to read the book, research where you could upload the book for free, […]

Freelance Project: Virtual Assistant Researcher

Wanted: Virtual Assistant and Home-Based Researcher We’re looking for somebody who can research certain projects from home. You own your own schedule. You are an independent contractor. You work entirely from home. This project requires the following skill sets. You must be able to follow English instructions. You must be able to write a report. […]

Freelance Project: Video Researcher

Wanted: Video Researcher Php1,200 Payout This project will require you to look for certain videos on YouTube. You will be given a theme, and your job is to go through YouTube’s search system to find videos that fit that theme. Once you have gotten a list of videos, you are then going to be instructed […]

Picture Researchers Wanted

If you know how to use Google to find pictures and follow English instructions, we need your help. We need people who are able to use the Internet to find pictures and quotes which we can use to create picture quotes. If you use Facebook, you’ve probably come across picture quotes. Your friends probably share […]

Work at home project: Video spokesperson

Do you have a great speaking voice? Can you speak English clearly? Do you have call center experience (preferred but NOT REQUIRED)? Do you have a pleasant appearance? Do you have access to a decent webcam or phone video camera? Do you want to earn up to SEVERAL HUNDRED pesos per day shooting video presentations? […]

Work at Home Outline Writer and Editor Wanted – Pays P20K per month

We are looking for a work at home writer that can write article outlines and edit the complete article based on those outlines. Pay: P20,000 per month. This is not on a per project basis. This is a full-time work at home position. This person MUST produce a daily quota. Bonus: Every month, we will […]

Work At Home Graphics Designer Wanted

Do you know how to design a logo? Do you know how to design a banner? Are you a very creative person? Do you know how to summarize the value proposition of a website in a graphic? Do you have solid graphic design skills using Photoshop and other tools? Do you like working from home? […]

Get paid to listen to audio and type: Earn P405 per audio hour

Would you like to earn Php405 per audio hour? Do you know how to spell English words correctly? Can you tell English words that sound similar apart? Do you have critical-thinking skills? Do you like to read? Do you like to write? Would you like to work from the comfort of your home? Would you […]